Mandate, Mission, Vision


(1) The object for which the Agency is established is to promote the development of the minerals sector by effectively and efficiently managing the administration and regulation of mineral rights and minerals trading in Sierra Leone, to provide technical and other support to the mineral sector including geographical survey and data collection activities.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), it shall be the function of the Agency to

a) administer and enforce the Mines and Minerals Act 2009, and other Acts related to the trade in minerals and related regulations;

b) make recommendations to the Minister for amendment and other improvements in the laws and regulations specified in paragraph (a) above;

c) advise the Minister on policy matters related to mining and natural resource governance, whether or not arising from any law referred to in paragraph (a) above;

d) formulate and implement plans and systems for managing the responsible development of the minerals sector and to promote the rights of communities.

National Minerals Agency Act 2012



To be a World-class professional and technical regulatory organization serving and developing Sierra Leone’s minerals sector and local communities.



To ensure maximum benefits for Sierra Leoneans from our mineral resources.