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The Geological Survey Library is a unit that falls under the jurisdiction of the Geological Survey Directorate of the National Minerals Agency.

The Library is the state repository of records, maps, information/data on geological literature and geo-scientific studies and work from pre-independence era to present. The library holds a huge volume of geological reference literature, bulletins, memoirs, short papers, maps, both print and electronic journals, Mines related Acts and documents to support bibliographical services both to staff and stakeholders (at home and overseas) and to members of the public. It contains a huge volume of statutory confidential six monthly and annual reports submitted to the Agency by Exploration companies.

The library was established by the Mines and Minerals Act 2009 as a mandate stipulated among the duties and powers of the Director of Geological Survey.

Mission and Vision

To be a repository of National Minerals Agency Geological Survey, Exploration and Mining Industry records, in serving with integrity and adaptability with the trends in libraries and records management whilst fostering a harmonious relationship in the provision of information.


Provide support to achieving NMA’s overall goals by effectively and efficiently collating, storing, retrieving and disseminating information to all stakeholders from within NMA and abroad.

The Primary Role of the Library involves:

  • The processing and preservation of all reports submitted by Exploration Companies
  • Categorization and archiving of reports into confidential and non-confidential
  • Registering, processing and archiving of historical geological and mining industry literature and maps
  • Provide access to unrestricted industry information, statutes, regulations and reports
  • File conversion/scanning of library holdings


  • NMA Staff, all stakeholders in the Mining industry, researchers, students, investors and the general public

NMA Library      NMA Library

Costs of Geological Library Resources
NMA Library

Investors and the public
Access to the following Resources will be provided in consonance with the approved procedures:

  • After verification of the document, submit an application to the Director of Geological survey copying the Library and Research Officer
  • On receipt of the application, the Library and Research Officer will generate an order to pay for the client
  • All payment should be made to the Finance Department at NMA
  • Receipts should be presented to the Library and Research Officer
  • Copies of receipts should be archived by the Library and Research Officer
  • The LRO undertakes the production and presentation of the required document to the client

NMA Staff

  • All NMA staff who wish to access the above listed resources for personal use should consult the Library and Research Officer
  • Any staff member who wishes to access the above listed resources on behalf of investors or any member of the public should go through the approved procedure.

University Students

  • Students should produce their current Identity cards or letter from heads of department to browse any geological literature free of cost
  • Copies of any document should be paid for as stipulated.


  • Reference
  • Photocopying and printing
  • Computer literature search
  • E-file transfer
  • Online search using the internet
  • Sale of Bulletins, memoirs and short paper

Opening Hours

  • The Library is open to the public – Mondays – Fridays 9:00am – 4:30pm
L&R Officer
Contact details
Victoria Nicol (Mrs.)
Library and Research Officer
Cell: +232 78367845