GIS Services

The Geodata and Information Management team offers a range of GIS solutions to customers in both the public and private sectors. Our services are quite affordable and are customized to meet the specific needs of our clients. We ensure that our deliverables conform to the highest quality standards in the geospatial industry.

The GIS Lab is equipped with modern plotters, high speed computers and workstations enabling us to serve our customers with high quality printing jobs on diverse paper sizes ranging from A4 to A0.

We produce a range of maps, including but not limited to:

  • Geology and Mineral Map of Sierra Leone (@ 1:250,000 Scale, Available in 4 Sheets),image_gis_services
  • Mineral Rights Map (Lease Map) of Sierra Leone (showing all mineral rights licences in the country),
  • Strategic Mineral Map of Sierra Leone (showing locations of proven mineral deposits in the country),
  • Client Specific Licence Map with Topographical Background,
  • Mapping of Clients Coordinates (we prefer coordinates being supplied in electronic format),
  • other bespoke client specific maps,

all served from data warehoused on our Servers at the Agency’s headquarter.

Our data sources include deliverables of geological studies in the country from Colonial period (such as works of the British Geological Survey) to recent studies (such as the NIMBA Project), data collected and analysed by our field staff and some other external sources.

To better serve our clients, we are currently working on developing a Geo-data Information Management System (GIMS), a GIS tool capable of collecting, storing, managing and quality control of digital geological, geophysical and geochemical data and related metadata. The GIMS will have two components: an Intranet for internal data warehousing and management as well as an Internet component designed for public consumption.

You want something done really fast? Please email us your requirements and we’ll send you an Order-to-Pay with payment instructions. Once we receive proof of payment for the requested services, we’ll email you the electronic output or ask that you pick up the printed output at our Wilkinson Road office.

It is a policy of the Agency to be transparent and accountable at all times. We are therefore pleased to bring to your attention that we only charge fees that have been approved by Parliament as required by the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009. For more information, please refer to the First Schedule – Fees, Expenditures and Penalties.

You can contact us at: