First Schedule – Fees

Table 1: Licence and Related Fees / Charges
NoFee CategoryLicence CategoryAmount
1New ApplicationReconnaissance$500
3New ApplicationExploration$500
5New ApplicationSmall Scale$1,000
6RenewalSmall Scale$1,000
7Annual Licence FeeSmall Scale$800/ha
8Citizen Corporative Mines Manager CertificateSmall ScaleLe1,000,000
9Non-Citizen Corporative Mines Managers CertificateSmall Scale$1,000
10Dredge PermitSmall Scale$10,000
11Alluvial Diamond Exporter's LicenceExporter, plus 7 Agents per (inclusive of two Free Agents (Full Year) $35,000
12Alluvial Diamond Exporter's LicenceExporter, (Half Year) $30,000
13Alluvial Diamond Exporter's Agent CertificateExporter Agent (Full Year)$6,000
14Alluvial Diamond Exporter's Agent CertificateExporter Agent (Half Year)$4,000
15Non - Citizen Alluvial Diamond Dealer's Licence$7,000
16Ecowas Citizen Diamond Dealers Agents Licence$3,000
17Citizen Diamond Dealers Agents Licence$2,500
18Ecowas Citizen Diamond Dealers Agents Certificate$1,500
19Citizen Diamond Dealers Agents Certificate$1,000
20Monitoring FeeDiamond Dealers$500
21Rehabilitation FeeDiamond Dealers$400
22Alluvial Gold Exporter's LicenceExporter (Full year)$7,500
23Alluvial Gold Exporter’s Agent CertificateUSD 3,000
24Non-Citizens Gold Dealers LicenceUSD 1,000
25Ecowas citizens Gold Dealers LicenceUSD 750
26Citizens Gold Dealers LicenceLe 750,000
27Ecowas citizen Gold Dealers Agent’s CertificateLe 500,000
28Citizen Gold Dealers Agents CertLe 300,000
29Monitoring fee(Non-citizen) Gold Dealers$400
30Rehabilitation fee ( non-citizen) gold Dealers$400
31Monitoring fee (citizen)Le 675,000
32Rehabilitation fee (citizen)Le 675,000
33Industrial and Sand Based Exporter’s LicenceExporter$5,000
34Exporters Agents Certificate$2,500
35Non-citizen Dealers Licence$1,500
36Ecowas citizen Dealers Licence$500
37Citizens Dealers LicenceLe 750,000
38Ecowas citizen Dealers Agents Cert.Le 500,000
39Citizen Dealers Agents certificateLe 300,000
40Monitoring fee (non-citizen)Industrial Sand Based Dealers$400
41Rehabilitation fee (non-citizen)Industrial Sand Based Dealers$400
42Monitoring fee (Citizen)Industrial Sand Based DealersLe 675,000
43Rehabilitation Fee (Citizen)Industrial Sand Based DealersLe 675,000
44Blasting Licence feeLarge scale$20,000
45Blasting Licence feeSmall scale$10,000
46Blaster’s certificate (non-citizen)$5,000
47Blasters certificate (Citizen)Le 2,500,000
48Monitoring Fees to all Industrial Licences (large scale, small scale, Exploration & Reconnaissance) 10% of Annual Licence Fees

Table 2: Fees for Mapping and Information Access
1Access to browse open-file reports (paper and/or digital copies$10 per half day
2Inspection of the Cadastral survey map of mineral rights and applicationsFree
3Supply of GPS coordinates or copy of part of the cadastral map$10
4Access to inspect the register of mineral rights & Application, etc. (pursuant to section 49 of the Act $ 25 per 30 minutes
5Photocopy of open file report (A4 size)Le 1,000 per page
6Photocopy of map plan (A2 size)$5
7Digital copy of open file report (as pdf file on CD or DVD)$50 per report
8Certificate D22 confirming information relating to a mineral right (section 47 of Act)$50 per item
9Maps on A0 paper size per unit sheet$70
10Maps on A1 paper size per unit sheet$35
11Maps on A2 paper size per unit$30
12Maps on A3 paper size per unit sheet$25
13Maps on A4 paper size per unit sheet$20
14Mapping of Client Coordinates (maximum of 10 copies)$20
16Short papers$100
18Laboratory Service charges (for each sealed package)$50

Table 3: Offenses and Penalties
NoType of OffencePenalty
20Late or non-compliant technical report$2,000
21Late or non-compliant audited financial report$2,000
22Failure to keep complete technical records$2,000
23Late or non-payment of annual charges5% per month
24Failure to pay penalty on time20% per month
25Failure to notify Minister of substantial changes in ownership$3,000
26Failure to comply with official written instruction$3,000
27Failure to commence work within limit specified in Act$3,000
28Failure to notify Minister when scale mine commences work for permit$3,000
29Failure to notify Minister of termination, suspension or reduction of production under large-scale mining Licence $5,000
30Failure to submit audited statements of itemized expenditure directly incurred on exploration activities ( 78 (3) of NMA 09)$40,000
31Failure to meet minimum expenditure requirement (after first carry forward) NMA 09, Violation of any health and safety provision or failure to follow directives or maintain accident register $5,000
32Violation of agreed environmental management programme or failure to carry out rehabilitation or reclamation$8,000
33Failure to honour employment and training commitments or requirements of Act$5,000
34Any Other breaches not specified above$ 2,000 to $ 10,000

Table 4: Small-scale and Artisanal Mining
NoFeeLicence CategoryAmount
1Demarcation feeArtisanalLe 250,000
2Artisanal financial Supporter’s certificateArtisanalLe 250,000/acre
3Artisanal Miner’s sales cardArtisanalLe 20,000
4Artisanal & Co-operation Mines Manager certificateArtisanalLe 100,000/acre
5Small-scale MonitoringSmall scaleLe 500,000/acre
6Citizen Corporative mines Manager CertificateSmall scaleLe 500,000
7Non-Citizen Corporative Mines Manager CertificateSmall scaleLe 1,000,000