Directorate of Mines

This Directorate is headed by the Director of Mines whose duties are clearly outlined in the Mines and Minerals Act of 2009. The Director of Mines is supported by a team of competent and dedicated staff comprising the Deputy Director of Mines, Managers, Officers and Administrative support staff. The Mines Directorate is charged with the responsibility of achieving the following objectives:

Objective 1: Maximise sustainable exploration and mining activity

  • Rapidly verify status of all mineral rights & maintain 100% accurate information of all mineral rights status
  • Provide compliance analysis for payment, reporting, and operations
  • Develop NMA licence and revenue reporting system
  • Maintain, protect and improve the cadastre system

Objective 2: Provide a transparent, efficient application & licensing process

For all mineral rights applications:

  • Streamline process for all mineral rights applications
  • Develop guidelines for applicants
  • Develop an online mineral rights application process

For all mineral licences:

  • Develop a simplified licence management and reporting guide for mineral rights holders

Objective 3: Maximise revenue, operational and environmental compliance of all exploration and mining activities

  • Visiting exploration and mining operations for compliance verification & regional organisation design
  • Developing and implementation of a national compliance strategy, including inspection plan
  • Developing and implementation of a licence holder assistance programme
  • Capacity building and training centre for artisanal and small-scale mining activities
  • Leadership of Extractives Revenue Task Force
  • Coordinating with the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Mining Revenue Forecasting Unit, Cash Management Team and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)Secretariat
  • Implementation of an effective Environmental Management Plan for Artisanal/Small scale mining operations to ensure responsible, efficient and sustainable mining


To achieve the above objectives, the Directorate assigns specific functions to four separate units within the directorate. Each of these units has developed guidelines, processes and procedures on how to carry out specific functions to produce the expected results.

Monitoring and Compliance Unit

This unit is responsible to develop realistic, transparent procedures and requirements applicable to mineral operations in Sierra Leone and will monitor and enforce compliance by holders of mineral titles with regard to all obligations required by the Mines and Minerals Act 2009, its regulations and all other relevant laws of Sierra Leone

Licensing and Technical Assessment Unit

This unit is responsible for providing direction for the development of proper systems of technical assessment within the Directorate of mining licensing and to constantly review these systems to ensure that maximum benefits are realized. Other responsibilities are listed as follows:

Mining Cadastre and Records Management Unit

This unit is responsible for managing the mining cadastre including the receipt and processing of mineral rights applications, the issuance and administration of licences and permits, the maintenance of cadastral records, registers and maps, and the receipt and safe-keeping of reports, making non-confidential information available to the public as required, all in an objective, non-discretionary and transparent manner in accordance with the laws of Sierra Leone

NMA Regional Offices

The NMA Regional offices are headed by Managers (with mining engineering background) who are specifically responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Agency’s regional office, including:

  • The oversight of all Mine Wardens, Area Superintendents, Administrative and Mines Monitoring Officers working from the regional office;
  • Facilitating technical support to artisanal miners;
  • Liaising with District and Chiefdom administrations within the region to encourage friendly cooperation and ensure sustainable mining operations;
  • Reducing all types of illegal mining activities;
  • Support revenue collection;
  • Check, coordinate and oversee the processing of mineral rights application and the issuance of Artisanal licences in an efficient manner and in accordance with the Act and regulations, following established cadastral procedures;
  • Managing the collection, storage and backup of information and data within the mining cadastre system, ensuring that records are correct and up-to-date at all times;
  • Providing feedback and support in all areas related to Artisanal mining;
  • Conducting regular compliance inspections of all artisanal operators, including health and safety reviews;
  • Supplying information and advice to Artisanal Miners relating to laws and regulations and their responsibilities (Compliance officers should disseminate such information to artisanal miners);
  • Engaging with other government and non-government stakeholders, and with communities, to provide input to compliance strategy and activities;
  • Ensuring that all compliance matters are properly documented.