Community Affairs, Communications & PR

The Directorate of Community Affairs, Communications and Public Relations provides services to protect and promote the rights of communities; support the successful implementation of Local Content; and promote information sharing and dialogue among stakeholders in the minerals sector, as follows:


This Directorate promotes the rights of communities through effective coordination and cooperation with stakeholders for the successful implementation of all community development interventions. In this regard, the Directorate focuses on the following:

  • Ensure that all mining companies assist in the development of mining communities by promoting sustainable development.
  • Ensure that all large-scale and small-scale mining companies have and implement a Community Development Agreement with their host communities.
  • Ensure that mineral right holders secure written consent from owners or lawful occupiers in respect of land specified under Section 32 of the Mines and Minerals Act.
  • Ensure that holders of large-scale mining licences obtain land lease or other rights to use land, on mutually agreed terms, before commencing mining operations.
  • Ensure payment of fair and reasonable compensation to affected persons for damage to land resulting from exploration or mining activities.
  • Ensure that resettlement, where applicable, is done according to acceptable standards at the cost of the mineral right holder.
  • Ensure that all grievances between mining companies and local communities are promptly addressed



The Directorate works with other stakeholders, in particular the Local Content Unit in the Ministry of Trade and Industry, to promote the successful implementation of local content in the minerals sector. The major objectives are to:

  • Facilitate the use of Sierra Leonean materials and products by mining companies
  • Ensure that Mining companies give preference to Sierra Leonean service Agencies
  • Ensure that suitably qualified and experienced Sierra Leoneans are given preference for employment in the minerals sector.
  • Ensure that unskilled labour is not imported into Sierra Leone to work in the minerals sector.
  • Ensure that Sierra Leonean employees in the minerals sector are provided with appropriate training.

Community meeting


  • Promote public awareness and provide timely information to the public on NMA activities and developments in the minerals sector.
  • Increase public access to relevant information on the minerals sector: e.g. Acts of parliament, policies, regulations, licenses, agreements, processes and procedures, etc.
  • Provide appropriate platforms and opportunities for stakeholders to express their views or concerns on issues relating to the minerals sector in a systematic and organized manner; thereby providing timely feedback for management.
Director, DCACPR
Ibrahim Satti Kamara
Director of Community Affairs,
Communications and Public Relations